Hoovie Host Guide

Your event is now live!

By now, you’ve received a handy email that includes important information about your Hoovie movie, including the link to the ticketing page where folks will sign up to join.

Have a question or need some advice? Reach out to our team anytime!

Your Hoovie event page

Log in and click on your Hoovie event page to see who’s bought tickets, which will appear at the top, above the event description.

You can edit the description by clicking the “Edit Screening” button on your event page.

If for any reason you need to change the event date after guests have already purchased tickets, email our team to help.

Update your profile

If you haven’t already, take a moment to fill in your Hoovie profile with a photo (of your face!) and brief bio to help people get to know you!

Promote your event!

To help you promote your event and sell tickets, we’ve emailed you a link to access a downloadable trailer, the film poster, film stills and additional content.

We’ve also compiled some tips for promoting your Hoovie event using social media, including how to work the Facebook algorithm.

We recommend sharing quotes from film reviews and filmmaker interviews to get folks excited about the film. Our favorite sources are NY Times, RogerEbert.com, The Guardian, LA Times and of course Rotten Tomatoes.

What to expect on event day

You’ll find the film and conversation button on your experience page.


As host, you can access the experience page 15 minutes before your event begins. Click the big purple button to launch Zoom, and wait for your guests to join you.


After your opening welcome, instruct guests to “Leave” Zoom to watch the film on the Hoovie experience page.


After the film, they’ll click the purple conversation button to re-launch Zoom.


Enjoy the conversation!


If they need any tech support, we’ll be available in the Zoom room while the film is playing, so if they have any playback issues, they can simply click the “Join the Conversation” button to get the help they need.

Tech Set-up

Download Zoom here and set-up a free profile.


For groups larger than 10, try breakout rooms during your post-film discussion!


Here’s a tutorial on how to use breakout rooms on zoom.

Basic format for a Hoovie

Every Hoovie movie experience is unique, but most follow a basic formula: Opening Welcome, Film, Conversation, Closing.


Take 5 minutes to read more about the Hoovie Formula for a truly social virtual cinema experience.

Tips and Tricks for Hosts

Read our 10 tips and tricks for hosting a great Virtual Hoovie movie conversation – including how to reduce the risk of technical difficulties.


And here’s a blog post from one of our super hosts offering 7 Tips for Facilitating Meaningful Online Events.