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Hoovie brings people together for pop-up cinema experiences in unique, private spaces.

We’ve just launched our beta!
Book your ticket to an upcoming screening or sign up to host your own.

Here’s how it works. Hoovie connects people with the films they want to screen and the likeminded people who want to watch them. With the right AV set-up and a little flare, anyone can host a screening in their home, work place, art studio, church, rooftop or backyard.

Want to host a screening?

Select a film from Hoovie’s catalog, set your location and capacity, and let guests book a spot on your couch. (Don’t forget the snacks!)

Want to meet new people?

Book a ticket to connect with others over impactful films, special features and – most importantly – quality conversation.

We believe compensating people who build community (hosts) and create art (filmmakers) is essential to a healthy society. Hoovie hosts make 50% from every ticket sold, the filmmaker and distributor keep 30%, and Hoovie takes 20% to keep the lights on.

Make some extra $

Hoovie ticket sales support hosts to bring people together more often by covering hospitality expenses, investments in quality AV equipment and perhaps even rent!

Host a mini-crowdfunder

Movie screenings easily become low/no-cost fundraisers with Hoovie. Hosts simply click the box to donate their cut of the “box office” to an aligned cause associated with the film.

Be a patron of the arts

Making a living as an indie filmmaker is harder than ever before. Hoovie hosts wanting to support artists to continue their work can choose to give their cut to the filmmaker.

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Become a beta tester

We need your feedback! Jump into our beta site, click around, host and attend some screenings, and send us notes on your experience of the site and the screenings.


Shape our film catalog

Our films are chosen for their artistry and ability to get people talking. We’re launching with docs and soon will add other genres. Take 2 minutes to share what films you’re into!

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