Host screenings anywhere.
Watch movies together.

Hoovie brings people together to experience impactful cinema in intimate, private spaces. Coming soon!

This is how it works. Hoovie connects people with the films they want to watch and the likeminded people who want to watch them. With the right AV set-up and a little flare, anyone can host a screening in their home, work place, art studio, rooftop or backyard.

Want to host a screening?

Select an independent film from Hoovie’s catalog, set your location and capacity, and let guests book a spot on your couch. (Don’t forget the snacks!)

Want to meet new people?

Search events in your town, book a ticket and receive location details 24 hours before it starts. (And maybe pick up a bottle of something to share en route!)

Help shape the Hoovie experience. 

Take two minutes and let us get to know you!

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