Many of us have to stay away from our friends, family and maybe even work for the good of the world right now. Films are a way to connect us to the weird and wonderful experiences we still share. If you’re in need of some comic relief or reminders of what life is like on earth (in an inspiring way), here’s a selection of Hoovie movies you can watch with your people.  — Mel King, Hoovie marketing coordinator

Watch CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER if you want to start a conversation about technology, creativity or Tom Hank’s zest for life. Read more.

Watch 3 FACES if you’re seeking an escape to a place out of mind and out of time and you dig rebel filmmakers. Read more.

Watch PARIS IS BURNING If you crave realness, pageantry and new dance moves to share with your Tiktok fans. Read more.

Watch BEFORE YOU KNOW IT if you’re up for a good laugh, some family drama and compelling, believable female leads. Read more.

Watch HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD If you want to spark the seed for revolution just by watching a film about a small group of misfits fighting to save whales. Read More


Anyone can host a Virtual Hoovie movie night to watch and discuss any of these films!

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