Before you press play, listen to your inner feminist and make the best gd popcorn of your life, even if especially when you’re on your own. Hoovie-lover Madeleine Shaw shows us how.


I had the excellent fortune to attend a recent Virtual Hoovie screening of the inspiring documentary Amplify Her, engagingly hosted by Maxine Cunningham.

Anticipating the pleasure of viewing a film about female self-expression by some brave, visionary DJs, I considered making myself a bowl of popcorn, however reflexively dismissed the idea as self-indulgent. It was just for me, after all – why bother?

I caught myself.

Hold it right there, my inner feminist said to me. Why not give yourself what you want?

Realizing what an important insight this was, I grabbed a pot and got things underway. But the inner voice was not done yet. Normally I make popcorn with some basic butter and salt, which was where I was heading when she piped up with a fancier option: parmesan cheese, with a shot of olive oil in addition to the butter. I obliged. Now we’re talking, she nodded.

I dubbed this new recipe Feminist Popcorn in her honour and am delighted to share the recipe. Needless to say, it was delicious 😉

Feminist Popcorn Recipe


  • As much popcorn as you feel like eating without any shame or self-judgement whatsoever
  • As much of whatever else you may care to add to the popcorn without any shame or self-judgement whatsoever. *

* Be creative. What do you actually want? Expand your range of possibility: it’s not like we’re talking about having a female head of state or pay equity or something – it’s just popcorn!

Next time I think I’m going to try chocolate chips and toasted coconut shavings – or whatever strikes my fancy.

A vegan version might look like fancy olive oil, nutritional yeast and toasted pine nuts.

Pesto, shaved truffles, bacon bits… our appetites are varied and endless. Imagine the perfect bowl of popcorn and then let yourself make it!


  • Pop the popcorn and then add as much as you feel like having of whatever you want – et voila!
  • Be grateful that you have a kitchen, popcorn, enough time to watch a movie and access to amazing resources like Hoovie.

Other tips

  • While you’re at it, have a drink of whatever you like, too! I paired my popcorn with a delicious glass of crisp BC white wine.
  • Don’t like greasy fingers? I decided to eat my popcorn with a spoon, and found it delightful. So add “however you want” to this how-to, along with “as much of whatever.” While “wearing whatever you want” of course goes without saying.
  • Consider this recipe as a metaphor in other life situations.

Enjoy, and Happy Hoovie-ing!


Thanks to regular Hoovie-goer Madeleine Shaw for submitting this inspiring – and scrumptious – recipe for addictive, cheesy popcorn. Have a recipe you’d like to submit? Contact us! 

Madeleine Shaw is a social entrepreneur with particular interest in sustainable design, progressive business practices, gender equality and reimaging work-life balance. She lives, works and plays in traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish people in Vancouver, BC, Canada.