We hate to say it, folks, but if you weren’t at the home of Byron and Monika Sheardown in Vancouver this past Tuesday, well, you missed out.

Twenty-five strangers cozied in on couches and chairs to watch HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD, a riveting doc about the founders of Greenpeace, in a living room in Kits, not all that far from where the group was founded in 1971.

For many, the big draw for the night was having Greenpeace co-founder, photographer and Pulitzer Prize nominee Rex Weyler join for the post-film discussion. What the guests didn’t expect however was to find a second founder – Rod Marining – sitting among them.

He had seen the event posted on Facebook, bought a ticket and showed up!

After the film, Rex and Rod regaled the room with stories from Greenpeace’s past, answered questions and offered poignant perspectives on what they believe is needed in these troubled times.

The conversation was lively and the questions kept coming – but by 10pm it was time for the Sheardown’s kids to hit the hay, so Monika suggested everyone continue on over at the neighbourhood pub. And that’s just what they did.

“It was a great experience,” said first-time Hoovie goer Dylan. “We all went out for beers with Rex Weyler and Rod Marining afterwards. What a trip it was to talk to those two battle-hardened activists. We need to spend more time with our elders.”

“Last night I ‘had to’ introduce myself to people I didn’t know which I’m terrible at,” said Colleen, another first-timer, “but the focus of the movie gave us all something to talk about. The next thing I know we were sharing a pitcher at the pub. I definitely will be attending more.”

Enjoy the video clips and photos, but seriously, don’t let yourself miss out again. Get your ticket to the next Hoovie movie event!