Our mission is to empower everyday people to build community through addictive social cinema experiences.

About Hoovie

We’ve lost something. Each other. Intimacy. Eye contact! Opportunities to connect authentically.

We’ve also lost our indie film theatres. Remember those? We’re either alone on our laptops watching something meh or longing to re-watch that masterpiece we saw at a film festival. And discuss it afterwards. Face to face. With like-minded souls.

Hoovie is our response.

Hoovie helps you easily host and attend uniquely social cinema experiences – virtually and in real life.

The films in our catalog are carefully selected for their artistry, relevance and ability to spark *real* conversation. And our filmmakers receive a fair return on each ticket purchased.

The goal: to create community and get human together.

Anyone can host. We offer the tools you need – quality pre-licensed films, event management tools, synchronized playback and video conferencing (for Virtual Hoovie), plus promotional materials and post-film conversation prompts.

So let’s watch movies together – and connect.

Fiona + Hilary, Hoovie co-founders

How Hoovie Works

Want to host or attend an IRL Hoovie in your home, at your favorite cafe or in the park down the block? How about a Virtual Hoovie in your daytime PJs?

For Virtual Hoovie, all you’ll need is a good internet connection and quiet space.

For IRL Hoovie, you’ll need access to a space with ambiance, a decent AV set-up and high-speed internet.

Simply choose a film from Hoovie’s curated catalog, set the event details and invite your friends. We’ll help you promote the event as well!

After the event, hosts and guests will be invited to rate the film, the experience and each other.

Read more about hosting.

Box office breakdown

We believe compensating people who build community (hosts) and create art (filmmakers) is essential to a healthy society. And it is this tightly held value that forms the foundation of our business model.

Hoovie hosts keep 50% from every ticket sold, and 30% goes to the filmmaker.

The twist? Hosts get to choose what to do with their ticket proceeds:

  1. Keep it
  2. Keep it and donate to a pet cause
  3. Give it to the filmmaker/distributor who holds the rights.

When you choose to “Give it,” 80% of the total ticket proceeds will go to the film rights holder, putting more money into the filmmaker’s pocket.

Ready to host a Hoovie screening?

Find everything you need to know about hosting social cinema experience.

How to Host

Once I buy a ticket, how will I find my Hoovie event?

Upon booking a ticket, guests receive a ticket confirmation email with details about the event.

Then, 24 hours before the event, they’ll receive a link to access the film and conversation (if it’s an online event) or the exact address (if it’s an offline event).

Are hosts and guests reviewed, like on Airbnb?

Directly following the event, hosts and guests will be invited to submit a review of the film, the host and the experience. In future, reviews will be included on each Hoovie user profile.

All feedback will be reviewed by a Hoovie team member, who will follow up on any negative feedback, especially relating to safety and respect.

Can I screen any film through the Hoovie platform?

No. For two reasons. First, films in the Hoovie catalog have been carefully curated for their ability to provoke conversation and social connection. Second, films outside the Hoovie catalog are not licensed for ticket sales.

Can I just watch a Hoovie film on my own, whenever I want?

Nope. Hoovie is not a Video On Demand streaming service. The point of the platform is to watch films together. Hoovie offers the opportunity to experience quality film in a whole new way: in community.

Does Hoovie rent projectors or other AV equipment?

No, however we are working on building relationships with equipment dealers and retailers to offer special discounts to Hoovie users.

For those in New York City, we recommend checking out Rooftop Films or KitSplit for equipment rentals. In Vancouver and Victoria, Long + McQuade has amazing rates on quality AV kits.

I feel weird about having strangers in my space. Can my Hoovie screening be made private?

Hoovie screenings are your opportunity to meet new people, and frankly, the vast majority of people are lovely.

And yes we do allow Private events, however they’re a bit of a manual operation at the moment. Reach out to us and let us know if this is a feature important to you.

We should note that as tickets are purchased, each guest’s name will appear on the host’s view of the event detail page. Guests names will never be publicly visible.

As well, hosts and guests get to rate/review each other after each screening. (Currently, ratings are not visible to the public but in later iterations of the platform will be displayed on each person’s profile.) The Hoovie team will follow up on any suspicious or unsavory behavior reported privately through the ratings screen.

And by the way, Hoovie vets all new hosts.

How do ratings work?

Just like with Airbnb, eBay and Amazon, user ratings are captured after each transaction is complete – in Hoovie’s case, after the screening.

Hoovie also invites you to rate the film after the screening.

In future, ratings and reviews will appear on each user’s profile and film description pages.

As a filmmaker, can I request to have my films added to the Hoovie catalog?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you! Just keep in mind, we typically select films that have been screened at festivals and/or won awards. To submit your film for review, email a synopsis and a link to the trailer, and please include the names of festivals where it’s appeared, along with any relevant distribution details.

Can I host a screening in a space I don’t own/rent?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: If you’re looking to hold the screening in a venue outside of your home or workplace, you’ll obviously need to work out the details with the venue operator and make sure they’re onboard.

We are building a database of partner venues – including cafes, restaurants, galleries, storefronts, coworking spaces, churches and so forth – that we can connect hosts with to coordinate screenings. Eventually, we’ll add a “venue marketplace” to the Hoovie platform to seamlessly connect hosts and venues. Stay tuned for news of this feature release! (If you’re a venue operator and interested in supporting this development, please do reach out!)