Create your Hoovie event

Fill out the form, then book a 15-min info session with a Hoovie team member. Once you’re event is approved, you can send out your invites.

Be creative and descriptive!
Must be at least 72 hours in advance.
What time do doors open?
What time do the lights go down?
The more the merrier, right? Let guests get cozy on the floor cushions and knock elbows on the sofa. It's all part of the experience.
Minimum price is $10 per ticket. While setting the ticket price, consider the setting, quality of audio-visual equipment, food/drink included and how much your audience can/will pay.
Get your guests excited to join you! WHY are you hosting this screening? What do you hope your guests will get from this experience? What aspects of the screening do you want to highlight? What food/drink will you serve, or will this be a potluck?
Note: During Hoovie's beta tests, "Private Events" will remain visible to the public; however, hosts may flag any guests who've purchased tickets without invitation and Hoovie will follow up with a refund.
Describe your A/V equipment: Do you have a projector or a TV? What size? What kind of speakers? Describe your venue: What's special about your private space? Is it a home or commercial venue? What kind of seating do you have? Is it wheelchair accessible? Pet friendly?
From each ticket sold, 50% goes to the Host (to keep or donate), 30% goes to the film license owner (filmmaker or distributor), and 20% goes to Hoovie. Indicate if you want to keep the $, donate it directly to the filmmaker (via Hoovie), or donate it to your own pet cause.
Optional. Some hosts want guests to know that 50% of the ticket will go toward "sushi" or "a new projector" or "rent," for example.
Note that for personal causes Hoovie will disperse ticket proceeds to you via Paypal, then you'll be responsible for handling the donation. If the cause is Hoovie-approved (indicated on the film detail page), Hoovie will disperse the donations on your behalf.
We use Paypal to disperse ticket proceeds. If you do not have a Paypal account yet, please provide a time estimate for when you'll set it up (visit