Our newest film title, PARIS IS BURNING, is as relevant today as it was back in 1990 when it delivered mainstream audiences into the dinghy, poorly lit ballrooms of New York’s underground drag ballroom culture. A critical and box office success, the film offers a deep dive into the colorful, often bombastic world of drag competitions, where poor Black and Brown queer and trans youth, decked out in handmade and designer fashions, strut their fabulous stuff down adhoc runways to compete in a long laundry list of categories – from “High Fashion Evening Wear” and “Executive Realness” to “Town and Country” and “Upcoming Pretty Girl 1986.” The film’s subjects are thoughtful and articulate as they reveal their innermost longings, explaining why they compete so fiercely to be “legendary,” play White, and break free from the limitations (and violence) of homophobia, racism and classism.