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Uniquely social cinema experiences. Hosted by anyone, anywhere.
New: Virtual Hoovie!


Host screenings anywhere.

Hoovie makes it easy to build community through virtual and in-real-life social cinema experiences.


Watch movies together.

There’s something magic about watching a great film and talking about it after  face-to-face, human-to-human.


Be the first to know about new films, features and events on Hoovie!


Be the first to know about new films, features and events!


Let's watch a movie together.

We’ve discovered that the most meaningful cinema experiences are shared, human-to-human, followed by conversation, face-to-face. We also know firsthand how hard it is to make a living as a filmmaker.

So we created Hoovie.

Hoovie makes it easy to host a unique, social cinema experience. Anyone can do it. Anywhere. Online or in real life.

Filmmakers get paid, and hosts choose to keep or donate ticket proceeds.

The goal: to create real community.

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Hoovie hosts bring family, friends, neighbors and newcomers together. Hoovie films spark conversation and compassion.

A whole new way to experience cinema

Imagine a movie theatre on every block, in every building, in every home, office and storefront, where you can watch great films and meet new people.

Watch films about the important stories of our time

Hoovie films are curated for their excellence, relevance and ability to get people talking.

Connect with people as cool as you

Watch the films you crave with kindred spirits in your community. You invite your people, and Hoovie invites new people. (Private events are also possible.)

Support filmmakers to continue making films

Making a living as an indie filmmaker is harder than ever before.

Through Hoovie, 30% of every ticket sold goes to the filmmaker or an indie film distributor working hard on behalf of the filmmaker. And hosts have the option to increase that to 80%.

Make or donate $

Hoovie offers a fun way to make extra money while building community and supporting filmmakers.

You set the ticket price and then let us know whether you want to keep your cut (50%) of ticket sales or donate it to the filmmaker or a cause.

Hosting a Hoovie is easy

Just choose a film from our catalog, set the ticket price, and invite your friends!


We’ve launched Virtual Hoovie so you can still watch and discuss films face-to-face through synchronized streaming and video conferencing.

Later, we’ll bring IRL Hoovie back for offline events!


Host chooses a film from the Hoovie catalog.

Host creates a listing, sets the ticket price and invites their friends.

Guests book tickets via Hoovie.

After the screening, host and guests rate the film, the experience and each other.


Featured Films

Featured Films

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So let's watch movies together.