Women accounted for 50 percent of moviegoers in 2018.

But of the top 100 grossing films in 2018, women represented only:

4% of directors,
15% of writers,
3% of cinematographers,
18% of producers,
18% of executive producers,
and 14% of editors.

So for International Women’s Day, we’re saying screw those numbers.

This goes out to all the women who work, make, create, and push for their visions, in film and otherwise — we see you, and we’re with you.

To celebrate films created by women, played by women, and envisioned by women, take a look at our film catalogue, including the following 4 FILMS BY WOMEN ABOUT WOMEN.

1. A Wives’ Tale


In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re launching our first #TimeCapsule film: A Wives’ Tale (1980) by Sophie Bissonnette, Martin Duckworth and Joyce Rock. This remarkable doc tells the story of how a bitter 10-month workers strike transforms a community of women – and their families – as they leave their traditional roles as housewives to become breadwinners and strike organizers. Younger audiences will appreciate this unique perspective on the making of a feminist insurgency that is warm, nuanced and wonderfully human. Host your own Hoovie event!

2. Amplify Her


A film, graphic novel and animated motion comic series, Amplify Her explores the rise of female artists against the backdrop of the electronic music festival scene. Filmmakers Nicole Sorochan and Ian Mackenzie examine the ways women view their gender in relation to their art, illuminating the difficult questions at the heart of modern-day feminism. “Whether equality can be gained if women erase the differences between genders, or whether if women focus on celebrating femininity, it will elevate the importance of diversity.” (Georgia Straight). Host your own Hoovie event!

3. Whose Streets?


What do you do when one of your own is assassinated right in front of you in the name of “law and order”? You take to the streets. Filmmakers Sabaah Folayan and Damon Davis hand the camera over to the family, friends and neighbors of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teen slain by police in Ferguson, Missouri, as their attempts to honor and mourn him are met with tear gas and misinformation campaigns by police and media. Audiences will draw strength and inspiration from the mothers and daughters of this community, who don’t just get mad but get organized. Host your own Hoovie event!

4. Unrest


Sick and tired, and sick and tired of being told her pain and fatigue are all in her head, Jenn Brea picks up her camera to tell her own story and connects with millions of others online suffering from the same mysterious disease. Unrest shows us the face of ME/CFS (“chronic fatigue syndrome”) and the power of a single voice when united with others. Host your own Hoovie event!


Thanks to Liddleworks Indie Media for compiling the stat for this post.

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