We believe compensating people who build community (hosts) and create art (filmmakers) is essential to a healthy society. This tightly held value forms the foundation of our business model.


COVID has exposed just how vulnerable our independent filmmakers truly are, particularly as their ability to earn revenue through theatrical screenings has evaporated.

The same is true for those of us who distribute independent films. Virtual screenings are awesome, but they do mean lower ticket revenues, creating a precarious situation for artists and distributors.

In light of this new reality, the Hoovie team has had to make some changes. Whereas previously split ticket sales were split between Hosts, Film Rights Holders and ourselves at 50% / 30% / 20%, now we must course-correct.

As of this week, we offer two options to Hosts when posting a Hoovie:

Hosts seeking to make or raise money keep 30% from every ticket sold and send 40% to the filmmaker.

Hosts who don’t want the money send 60% of each ticket sold to the filmmaker.

In each case, the remainder pays for Hoovie’s service, including event promotions and access to our integrated event management and streaming technology.

We made these changes in service of our goal to support our community to connect in meaningful ways through the power of great film.

We’d love to hear your questions and feedback on this change. Email us at hello@hoovie.movie.