Promoting your film screening and discussion to the right people is critical to the success of your event.


We’ve learned the most successful hosts are those that are clear in their purpose, specific in choosing their audience, and great at showing how excited they are about the film they’ve chosen.

There are several channels for promoting your event – including text, email, social media and posters – and to be successful, you’ll want to use a mix of two to three.

We’ve found lots of success in using text, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to invite the guests we most want to join us, then using Instagram/Facebook to promote more broadly – including creating a FB event page.

Below are some tried-and-true tips and tricks to maximize exposure on your Hoovie movie event via social media.

And do let us know if you have your own that we should add here for other Hoovie hosts!

What to post on social

In addition to posting the link, you’ll want to add personal messages as well as logistical details.

Your WHY: Why are you hosting? What conversation do you want to have? This is the most important thing you can do to promote your event and sell tickets. We can’t emphasize that enough. Your “why” might be very personal, or it might be specific to the topic of the film. Here are two examples of posts that includes a strong WHY:


Excerpts from film reviews

We recommend sharing quotes from film reviews and filmmaker interviews to get folks excited about the film. In addition to local media outlets, our favorite sources are NY Times,, The Guardian, LA Times and of course Rotten Tomatoes.

Quote articles relevant to the topic of the film

Add a blurb about Hoovie

Hoovie makes is easy to watch and discuss amazing films together, face to face, online or in person. Anyone can host. Filmmakers get paid, hosts make or raise money, and guests have meaningful experiences – together.


For those who don’t know, Hoovie is a platform for watching and discussing quality independent films and building community, while sending fair returns to filmmakers.

If you have space, add relevant handles and hashtags, including #communitythroughfilm, #indiefilm, #hooviemovie/@hooviemovie and others related to your specific film, conversation topic or cause (if you’re fundraising through ticket sales).

Tips for using Facebook to promote your event

Want to extend the reach of your event? Work the Facebook algorithm by taking the following steps.

On the FB event page:

  • Click the Share dropdown menu button and select “Invite” in the dropdown menu. Invite up to 500 people – even people you don’t think would be interested (people can be surprising).
  • Click Share and select “Share as Post” to share on to your wall as well as relevant FB groups and other FB events. Again, give a non-canned, heartfelt reason as to why you are hosting and what people can expect to get out of other experience.
  • Click Share and select “Share in Messenger” and share it – with a brief note – with select people you know will be keen. For example:
    Hey Wendy! Any chance you are free to watch this film about death/dying/grief/life/living with me and some lovely humans on Wednesday?

On your FB profile and/or business page:

Post a separate post that is slightly different from what you’ve already posted. Consider adding a film review excerpt and a film still.

Invite ticket buyers to do all of the above as well to support promotions on the event!

Note: to tag Hoovie’s page, type @hooviemovie (not @hoovie).

Tips for using Instagram to promote your event

Instagram is a fantastic space to use high impact visuals to promote your event.

  • Change the link in your bio to the ticketing link and add “Buy tix at link in bio” when sharing about the event.
  • Instagram post and story options:
    • Upload film trailer (“short videos” work best but need to be trimmed) and/or film stills;
    • Excerpt film reviews;
    • Share content as Instagram stories (share several times a week) and Instagram post graphic (share once or twice);
  • When posting, add @hooviemovie and film tags (and others if relevant) and relevant hashtags (including #hooviemovie).
  • Send Instagram story and posts as messages to your friends/followers with a brief personal note.

After the event, don’t forget to post about your experience!

Thank those who participated in making your Hoovie so fun and meaningful, and get people excited for your next one.