Dear friends,

“I can only see germs and hate right now,” a friend recently shared.

She’s in the States and she’s barely keeping it together – a woman of color isolated in her home alone all day with a 3-year-old, scrubbing down their shoes with Chlorox wipes and listening for sirens.

So we ask ourselves, what can we as white women possibly offer her right now? Love, support, respect, sure. But that’s just not good enough – not anymore, not if we’re serious about systems change. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade deserve more. So do the unspoken Canadian names you’ve likely never heard who’ve lost their rights and/or lives at the hands of police.

The stories that change us

Our teammate Mel mentioned something she learned recently: reading fiction builds empathy and compassion.

And that got us thinking about the films in Hoovie’s catalog.

We have 3 amazing films in our Black Lives Matter collection: Whose Streets?, Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Quest – all award-winning docs that should be essential watching for anyone engaged in anti-racist work.


But no fiction. So help us build our Wish List!

What films do we need to include in our catalog to answer the call of this moment and support you/us/our community to confront our own notions of race, white privilege and justice?

Send us film titles that spark conversation around de-colonization, social change and people-powered movements.

Of course, there are some great resources circulating online (including this playlist of “anti-racist films” on the NFB and this Anti-Racist Resource Guide from researcher Victoria Alexander) where we’ll be spending some time ourselves.

Raise money for your local BLM chapter

Don’t forget you can use Hoovie to raise money for your own cause! Just choose a film, set the date and fill in the form at Then spread the word, and let your guests know that you’ll be donating ticket proceeds along with any donations they want to add to their ticket.

Speaking of people powered movements…

Greenpeace co-founder Bill Darnell joins this Thursday’s screening of HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD hosted by former Greenpeace campaigner Eduardo Sousa to discuss the past, present and future of environmental and social justice activism in these pandemic times.

Fiona + Hilary, Hoovie co-founders