Interested in hosting your own Virtual Hoovie movie event? Here, we break down the basic format for a truly social cinema experience on Hoovie.


Every Hoovie movie experience is unique, but most follow a basic formula: Opening Welcome, Film, Conversation, Closing. Use this formula as a jumping off point for your own event – or create your own (and tell us how it went!).


As the host, you will have access to your Hoovie event’s video chat room 15 minutes before your event start time. Please arrive early if you can.

The Opening Welcome is your chance to introduce yourself, the film and your purpose in gathering everyone. Keep it friendly and brief.

You could also invite guests to do a round of intros and a 1-2 word answer to a prompt (perhaps related to the film’s topic). Just be sure you protect everyone’s time by encouraging folks to keep things brief.


The film will start playing automatically, right on time, so be sure to close the Opening Welcome a few minutes beforehand to allow guests to get settled.

Before you do, instruct guests to:

  • Close the video chat window and return to the Virtual Hoovie event page.
  • Then, to watch the film, set the video player to “full-screen” by clicking on the icon with two arrows at the bottom right of the player window. Ask them if they see it before they close the Zoom chat window.
  • When the film finishes, hit Esc (or the icon with the two arrows again) to minimize the player window.
  • Click the Conversation button to return to the same Zoom room to join the group.


As the host, we recommend clicking the Conversation button as soon as the credits start to roll.

As guests arrive into the video chat, get the conversation started with a general “What’d you think of the film?” type question. Then, have those conversation prompts that Hoovie sent you on the ready, or use your own.

Once the group is all back together, if you haven’t already, consider doing a round of introductions and invite folks to share their answer to a specific question you’ve posed to the group.

If your group is over 15, you can use the Break Out Room feature to create groups of 4-5. After 10-15 minutes, reconvene the big group and invite a few quick comments before breaking up into new small groups. Repeat. Each time, provide 1-2 prompts for discussion.


You entered into this experience all together, and it’s important to bring it to a close all together.

First, give folks who haven’t said much a chance to share. You might say, “As we start to wind things down, I’d like to make sure that we hear from anyone who hasn’t had a chance to speak.”

Then, before signing off, say a few words and invite guests to briefly share any parting words, such as a 1-word review of the film, something they learned, or the next film they want to watch together.

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