Here are Hoovie AV expert Alex Reeve’s recommendations for the 2018 best value “Hoovie Standard” projector/sound/accessories package:

Projector: Optoma HD142X $549 USD

Or, for a bit over 2x the price, an Ultra short throw projector would add a huge level of convenience, as the projector can be placed right in front of the screen/wall, greatly simplifying setup.

Sound: Vizio SB3821-C6 Soundbar $150 USD (have seen these as low as $114 USD elsewhere)

Projector Screen: Vivo 100 Inch Folding Projector Screen $65 USD


Not included, but worth considering in certain use cases:

  • Custom Pelican Case or crate to carry and protect equipment
  • Folding stand or a mounting system for the projector