Hello, friends!

After spending the last several months fundraising and strategizing, we recently emerged from our near-hibernation to some wonderful surprises.

Seeing Nada and Georgia Strait Alliance‘s Fractured Land event pop-up in the Hoovie approval queue was one of them.

We’ve been fan-girls of both orgs for a while now (at least 10 years for GSA!) and are just so delighted they want to use our pop-up cinema tool to build community and spark conversation about a topic we’re passionate about: Indigenous climate action.

Join Nada and GSA on Wednesday, July 24 at Nada, Vancouver’s first zero-waste grocery store and cafe at Broadway + Fraser. It’s a gorgeous space, helmed by a team intent on ridding your kitchen of ocean-clogging plastic.

Fractured Land co-director (and Hoovie co-founder) Fiona Rayher will join for the discussion after, as will Tessa Danelesko of GSA’s Species Protection Coordinator. Scroll down for Tessa’s interview.

Ticket proceeds go to support the GSA’s work to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters, and communities.

There will be delicious package-free snacks available for purchase – and a prize draw!

We hope you’ll join for this award-winning film and juicy conversation!

– Hilary Henegar, Hoovie co-founder

Q+A with Hoovie host Tessa Danelesko,
Georgia Strait Alliance

Hoovie: Why are GSA and Nada hosting this Hoovie movie night?
Tessa: Climate change threatens all life on Earth, from humans to the Salish Sea’s Southern Resident orcas. Georgia Strait Alliance is all about supporting local communities with climate solutions.

Watching Fractured Land and learning about Caleb’s journey using traditional and legal knowledge – in a pioneering space like Nada – is a powerful way to inspire action.

Hoovie: What kind of action do you hope to inspire?
Tessa: Joining GSA’s community is a great start. GSA is part of a coalition of groups that are building the legal foundations and community capacity to erect a “green barricade” to block new fossil fuel infrastructure in the Salish Sea – but we need people power.

When you sign up to join us, you’ll get alerts about opportunities to engage local representatives and advocate for climate accountability.

We can take Caleb’s leadership and and say “no” to unfettered fossil fuel development and “yes” to a clean energy future. By protecting our local waters from the threat of major projects and oil spills we will protect our climate for our children and grandchildren.

Buy tickets to Nada x Georgia Strait Alliance Movie Night: Fractured Land on Wed, Jul 24 @ 8pm.