Just like a Book Club, On the Table and Hoovie invite you to host a Movie Club night! Choose a film, share it with your guests and connect afterwards to talk about it, face to face – virtually or in person.


In a world of physical distancing, we need new ways to connect with others.

That’s why On the Table, a project launched by the Vancouver Foundation to bring folks together to build community through meaningful discussion, selected some of their favourite documentaries and feature films that focus on issues relevant to our current times.

The films are dynamic, enlightening and the perfect conversation starter for hosting your On the Table event this September.

Plus, the Vancouver Foundation is offering hosts up to $100 to cover event costs (like your guests’ Hoovie movie tickets)! All you have to do is register!

What is On the Table?

It’s a BC-wide occasion to bring together friends, colleagues, or neighbours to talk about what matters most to you. Whether in small groups or online, On the Table encourages us all to take time to connect and share meaningful conversation.

How do I host my own On the Table x Hoovie Movie Club event?

  1. Choose your film. (We’ve helped curate a special collection just for On the Table!)
  2. Sign up to host an On the Table x Hoovie movie club event.
  3. Copy the link to your Hoovie screening page (emailed to you) and paste it into your On the Table invitation.
  4. Optional: When creating your On The Table invite, request up to $100 grant from the Vancouver Foundation to cover event expenses such as Hoovie tickets, refreshments, masks, room rentals, etc.
  5. Set a date to meet online or in-person (following COVID-19 guidelines) to discuss the film, and send out your invites!:

Why should I host an On the Table x Hoovie Movie Club night?

Several reasons. For one, the films are all curated to spark the kinds of conversations many of us are craving right now. Scroll down for more on this.

Second, both the Hoovie and the On the Table platforms offer cool features that make this whole thing pretty cool, like:

  • Hoovie’s ticketing software makes it easy to fundraise for a cause you care about while ensuring the filmmaker gets an equitable split of ticket proceeds.
  • On the Table’s invitation generator creates a gorgeous Save The Date card as well as some snazzy social graphics, customized for your gathering.
  • The Vancouver Foundation is offering grants up to $100 to pay for things like tickets. (They really want to help people connect!)

And third… because sharing amazing films with kindred spirits and talking about the ideas they inspire just simply feels good.

So tell me about these films. Which film should I choose?

As mentioned, each of the films that we’ve curated for the On the Table x Hoovie Movie Club collection was selected because its relevant to our times.

Want to spark a conversation about systemic racism and allyship?


Want to spark a conversation about race, gender and belonging?


Want to spark a conversation about our food system?

Watch BUGS.

Want to spark a conversation about equity, class and how we build cities?


Want to spark a conversation about people-powered movements that shift power?


Want to spark a conversation about technology, creativity and slowing down?



To sign up to become a host, start here.

And don’t forget to register your event on the On the Table portal and pick up a $100 grant to cover event costs!

To browse screenings in the On the Table x Hoovie Movie Club, click here – anyone can join!