Dear friends,

What a trip! What was once a kooky idea (movies with strangers in living rooms, wha?!) is now a thing, and where we used to be two (first Fiona, then Hilary), we now are five-plus.

That’s right, the Hoovie team is growing!

First we brought on Matthew Quetton as CFO, who has proven instrumental in supporting us on the financials side to make our multi-sided marketplace more viable and investable. Fun fact: in a previous life, Matt was a furniture designer. 

Then, Dylan Morgan came on as Platform + Catalog Coordinator to architect our backend systems to enable us to bring new films into our catalog more quickly and pay out our hosts, filmmakers and distributors more efficiently. Fun fact: Dylan is a long-distance mountain runner. 

And this week, we welcome Mel King to the team as Marketing Coordinator. Her job will largely be focused on watching films, creating content and inspiring our community to come together to share quality films and brave conversations. Fun fact: Mel’s an amateur photographer who aspires to make her first film.

We also launched a new phase of work this week with our web development team, which includes the good folks at Input Logic (Shawn, Julia, Adriaan, Meaghan and Erik!) and the very lovely Parshwa Jain. Thank you to all our user testers for helping us perfect the first iterations of Hoovie’s new features and designs! Stay tuned for the results…

In short, things are happening!

And it’s all thanks to you, our courageous, big-hearted tribe of everyday community builders. Thanks for showing up to watch movies together in this oh-so-human way.


Hilary + Fiona, Hoovie co-founders