Update: Virtual Hoovie has now launched. Learn more here.

Dear friends,

We are living in strange times. And truly, we are inspired. We see you out there showing up for each other, discovering new ways to get human together even if you can’t be side by side.

While we are devastated not to be able to hang out and watch movies together in real life, we’re taking your cue and rising to the challenge of this vulnerable hour.

Before we tell anyone else what we’re up to, we thought we’d let you in on it first…

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks figuring out how to enable virtual social cinema experiences that can simulate the nourishing, impactful IRL events put on by Hoovie hosts.

And now we’d love for you to help us nail it.

Host a Virtual Hoovie!

Within the next week we’ll have the first version of our Virtual Hoovie feature ready for testing, and we’re looking for hosts to help us work out the kinks on how these online screenings can be optimized to be social, conversational and human.

Sound fun? Sign up to our wait list to host a test event over the next 2 weeks!

Join the wait list!

Why Hoovie?

What differentiates what we’re doing from, say, a Netflix Party?

  1. We care. A lot. Our whole deal is nurturing and empowering humans to be human together. We do a lot to inspire and support our hosts to create experiences that build relationships.
  2. Face-to-face is Hoovie’s jam so Virtual Hoovies use video conferencing for the pre- and post-film discussion (not group chat boxes that distract you while watching the film).
  3. Compensating artists and community builders is the foundation of our business model. Streaming a film on Netflix (if you can find one worth watching) sends no new money into a filmmaker’s pocket. Hoovie pays 30% of every ticket sold to the film owner (filmmaker or independent distributor), and hosts get the option to keep or donate 50%.

Many hosts choose to double the impact and donate their cut directly to the filmmaker or a cause they care about – whether that’s a charity, org or individual (e.g. a friend whose family business just went under). Soon we’ll make it easy for guests to add donations too!

So let’s watch movies together – the kind that elevate and connect us more deeply to our shared humanity. And let’s talk about them after (in our PJs!?).

Stronger together,
Fiona and Hilary, Hoovie co-founders

p.s. Over the next week we’ll be updating our website to reflect the new offering and will post an easy, peasy step-by-step on our blog. Stay tuned!