Yeah, we feel it too. Things are rough. We try to stay steady as we bear witness to the cyclones, floods, fires and the “it’s worse than you think” climate #realtalk. We try to keep informed. We try to make good choices. And… then we turtle, binge on screen time, and say goodnight to the world.

But then something extraordinary happens. The sun rises! We watch an army of energetic young people grab the mic from the deniers, and we feel hope rise within us again as they demand a new deal. The alternative path seems viable.

Every day so many of us stumble alone through this journey to reconcile the reality of a boiling planet and our own complicity, to grieve the suffering and extinctions, to face a future unknown.

We might exchange articles on FB or make an aside to a friend, but we don’t often carve out time to actually talk about this stuff – to share space and process together: our fears, our hopes, our sadness and what we seriously can do to seriously support the seismic societal shift required to get back into Right Relationship – and survive.

So let’s do that then, shall we?

Here’s a good conversation starter: Chasing Ice.


We just added it to our catalog, and whether you’ve seen it already or avoided it, we think you’ll find value in watching this acclaimed documentary Hoovie stylz – with friends and strangers in an intimate space where you can have some honest conversation after.

You can find a bunch of demystifying info about how to host a Hoovie movie at

We know we’re stronger together, so, you know, let’s get together.


Hilary Henegar is co-founder and COO of Hoovie.