Join this week’s Virtual Hoovie as Greenpeace co-founder Bill Darnell joins former campaigner Eduardo Sousa to screen HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD and discuss the future of the environmental movement.


As the 24-hour news cycle pummels us with examples of our broken system and its impacts on human life and the planet, it’s hard not to want to bury our heads. We’re overwhelmed by the problems and the enormity of the work to solve them; we feel defeated before we’ve even said yes to trying.

But we miss out when we don’t get out there and try.

Bob Hunter was a Vancouver Sun columnist when he decided to try. It was the late 1960s and the Nixon administration was conducting underground nuclear testing off the Alaskan coast. The impacts to the ecosystem were devastating. Bob joined a small group of concerned citizens to organize a protest, together chartering a boat bound for Amchitka, where the next bomb would be tested.

None of them were sailors, and they weren’t sure what they’d do once they got there. When they discovered they weren’t going to be able to stop the bomb, they pulled out their cameras.  And the footage went “viral.”

Returning to Vancouver, they were received as heroes, fuelling them on. Marrying pacifism with eco-justice, Greenpeace was born – and with it, the modern environmental movement.

They would go on to chase whaling boats, organize peaceful actions and open Greenpeace offices around the world, their photogenic activism capturing the imagination of millions of people.

They would discover the difficulties of organizing at massive scales previously unimaginable. And they would have adventures that tested their beliefs – in themselves, each other and their cause.

The story of this rag-tag group is brilliantly captured in the documentary How To Change The World. Through little-seen archival material, including gobs of 16mm footage from the front lines, the film shows us what a small group is capable of when they take some initiative. It also shows us why we still have whales.

Want to change the world? Need proof that you can?

Join like-minded changemakers and wannabes for this riveting film talk this Thursday, June 4, as Greenpeace co-founder Bill Darnell joins former Greenpeace campaigner Eduardo Sousa for a discussion about the film and the past, present and future of environmental and social justice activism in these pandemic times.


The opening welcome starts at 7:30pm PT. Tickets will remain on sale until the film starts at 7:45pm PT.

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