Dear friends,

What started out as an informal chat about movies and creative projects with my team at Hoovie sparked an idea for how to connect and commune during these days of physical distancing: HOOVIE MOVIE CHATS, a casual, hour-long Zoom chat about movies and why they matter. Everyone’s invited, including the occasional filmmaker and industry insider.

Join us on Zoom every Friday from 12-1pm PST to share what you’re eating for lunch, the films you’re stoked on and why they’re relevant.

At the moment I’ve been getting into Taiwanese New Wave cinema. This weekend I’m planning on watching Edward Yang’s 1991 film A Brighter Summer Day. The film is considered a “singular masterpiece” in contemporary cinema ⁠— and it’s nearly 4 hours long!

At the first HOOVIE MOVIE CHATS, you can ask me all about it!

RSVP on Facebook or by email and join on Zoom here. (Click to add it to your Google Calendar.)

You can also join the Hoovie Movie Club FB group to share links and discuss the films that matter with a community of like-minded folk.

I hope to see you there!

Stronger together,

⁠Mel King, Hoovie marketing coordinator