“112 Weddings is a great many things for a documentary: it’s a time capsule, it’s a social experiment, it’s a love story – several love stories – and it’s a life lesson. … Simply put, 112 Weddings is just delightful.” – Hot Docs

You wouldn’t think that a documentary about the state of modern marriage as interpreted by a wedding videographer would be relieving.

But watching filmmaker Doug Block follow up with his wedding clients years after the “I do” reveals a few things: a) relationships are effing hard!, b) loving and liking your partner are not the same thing, and c) it feels good to laugh at other people’s dysfunctional relationships while reflecting on your own.

In the words of the director’s rabbi friend, “The wedding is the easiest day to make happy. You’ve just thrown a ton of money and liquor at it. Marriage is harder. When you throw money and liquor at it, it makes it worse.”

Interestingly – as was pointed out at a Hoovie screening by Lisa Hartley, a marriage officiant and death doula – the stats suggest that the more you spend on your big day the more likely the marriage will end in divorce. (Spoiler alert: The film features a pretty hilarious example, laced with heavy doses of narcissism and anti-psychotics.)

What may be surprising for some and not so for others, the couple in the film with maybe the most solid relationship (or at least the couple whose interview makes you feel the least awkward) is the one who opted out of tradition and had a commitment ceremony instead. (Spoiler alert: They end up going basic.)

This honest little gem of a film is a cathartic watch – so human, so funny and so true – and definitely sparks some honest conversation about “happily ever after” and, for some, the virtues of staying single.


Hilary Henegar is co-founder and COO of Hoovie.