The media have been kind to Hoovie this past month, inviting us to share our story and our passion for social cinema.

Here are just a few of the hits we’ve gotten, from CBC Radio to BC Business magazine and points in between.

Hoovie featured on CBC Radio 1’s “On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko”

November 16, Hoovie CEO Fiona Rayher was interviewed on CBC Radio 1 for the On the Coast program with host Gloria Macarenko. It was a great discussion about what Hoovie is building, and how we’re taking the “book club” experience to movies! We love Gloria’s intro:

“Now anyone who has belonged to a book club knows that their reading experience is enhanced when it’s followed by a fulsome discussion involving different viewpoints. Well, a Vancouver startup wants to mimic that experience for people who watch films…”

Enjoy the interview here! (7 min)

Watching Movies In A Virtual World

On November 17th, Fiona spoke with The Feed’s Amber Mac and Michael B, who showcase the latest in the world of technology and social media with their SiriusXM CanadaTalks audience across North America.

Your next movie experience may be in a virtual world with Hoovie. We speak to the co-founder, Fiona Rayher, about their virtual space to host online screenings.

Listen to the interview here (starts at 9:15).

Vancouver startup Hoovie prepares to launch world’s first truly social cinema platform

Hoovie’s co-founders had a great time speaking to BC Business magazine’s Nathan Caddell about the journey to here and their vision for Hoovie’s future.

At a business level, Hoovie wants to be “the top platform for social cinema—a way in which people are able to connect and find each other through cinema, very much like a book club model, at scale,” Rayher says. But on the community front, the company has another vision: to redefine the movie-watching experience as “social, human and conversational.”

Read the full interview here.

HOOVIE: Virtual Moviegoing with Fiona Rayher and Hilary Henegar

Hollywood North magazine, an online magazine about the Canadian film industry, interviewed Hoovie’s co-founders about what makes Hoovie different from other online platforms.

“For those still less-than-comfortable venturing to their local movie house, but find the rather solitary experience of streaming to be lacking the communal spirit, might just find the answer to their quandary in Hoovie; a streaming experience that brings the camaraderie of the theatre to a small screen near you.”

Read the interview here!