Do you yearn to help form the building blocks of a new and innovative startup? Do you have a passion for projects that push conventions to create social change? Do you believe in the power of film to elevate and transform us? If so, read on!

It’s been an incredible year and a half since we officially launched our (mostly closed) beta! We saw more than 70 unique, social pop-up cinema experiences posted to our platform by almost 50 hosts in about 12 cities and towns across North America.

We tested a ton of different features, systems and strategies for supporting our hosts to successfully promote their events, sell tickets and create welcoming containers for guests to come together to watch movies and connect in real life.

We collaborated with a number of contractors who brought their unique talents, energy and clarity of thought to our work together, and now we’re excited to hire two key part-time positions with the hopes that they are able to evolve into full-time roles in the future.

Both positions are mostly remote, with at least 1 day per week in our Mount Pleasant, Vancouver office.

Platform + Catalog Coordinator

Are you a systems-thinker and a spreadsheet fiend? Do you have a knack for designing and maintaining elegant systems for tracking and reporting?

The Platform and Catalog Manager is a database manager who will design and manage multiple databases and administer contracts and digital fulfillment. This person will also take the lead on building out our catalog, working alongside co-founder and CEO Fiona Rayher.

The role is two pronged: 1) The successful candidate will work closely with Hoovie’s co-founder/COO, CFO and tech team to design and implement features and backend systems that streamline operations, accounting and fulfilment; 2) They will also be responsible for building and managing our catalog of films.

Read more about the role here.

Marketing Coordinator

Do you have digital skills and a deep love for inspiring content? Are you a talented writer and storyteller with a strong sense of design?

For the right person, joining Hoovie as Marketing Coordinator will be an engaging, fulfilling, challenging and inspiring opportunity. The majority of your time will be focused on content creation and brand promotion. This includes:

  • Screening films and writing copy about films
  • Compiling materials for promotion of films
  • Creating graphics for Hoovie events
  • Creating social media copy and content
  • Crafting and managing social media ad campaigns
  • Reporting on analytics and traction
  • Supporting customer service

Read more about the role here.

More about us

Hoovie was dreamed up by a filmmaker who fell in love with the magic of screening her films in intimate, unexpected spaces and a community builder who yearns to have *real* conversations – offline.

Hoovie’s mission is to empower everyday people to build community through addictive social cinema experiences, at scale. We want to do for film what Airbnb did for travel, and redefine the movie-going experience to be more social, human and conversational. We aim to become the primary marketplace for film screenings in the world, envisioning pop-up social cinema on every block, in every building, in every home, workplace and storefront – where you can watch great films and meet like-minded people.

At Hoovie, we believe:

  • The optimal spaces for social connection are intimate.
  • Film is a powerful vehicle for telling stories that change minds, open hearts and connect us with our shared humanity.
  • All people deserve opportunities to experience quality film and brave conversation with others.
  • Compensating people who create art and build community is essential to a healthy society.
  • Massive social change and economic opportunity are possible through the explosive growth of many micro-events, all around the world.

Hoovie seeks to build a team and community that is diverse in age, culture, socioeconomic status, experience, gender, language and discipline. For all roles, people who identify as being from marginalized communities, including women, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, people with disabilities, people identifying as LGBTQ2, and people from low-income backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply for positions or reach out.

Staff, board, advisory and jury are asked to sign and hold themselves accountable to our social contract.

Are you excited and feel like a fit? If so, here’s how to apply. 

If you like what we’re putting down and believe you have the chops to own one of these roles, we want to hear from you.

Email cover letter, resume and LinkedIn profile URL to Make it easy for us to understand the skills and experiences that make you perfect for this role. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. We thank everyone who shows interest in this position. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Know someone talented who might be a great fit? Please share with your networks!

We’ll update this page as the positions are filled.

Photo by Jessica Jacobson Photography