Hello, friends!

Fiona and I love playing the role of host – almost as much as we love supporting Hoovie users to host.

There’s something magic, even theatrical about the process of crafting an experience for guests to enjoy: the planning, the cooking, the cleaning, setting the stage and then – voila – the lights go up, the curtains open and the fun begins! Of course, as hosts, we aren’t performing so much as setting the stage for everyone to participate in co-creating an experience together.

Several months ago, we hosted our first itty-bitty micro-festival, and loved it so much we’d been yearning to host another one.

So here we go!

December 16-18, join us in Vancouver for one, two or three nights in a row as we explore the theme of relationships and family dynamics, or “How We Are Together,” through the lens of three very different films – just in time for all those triggering human exchanges around the holidays.

We’ll serve up soothing bowls of vegan stew, plus beer and kombucha from our partner Faculty Brewing. Bring a bottle or side dish to share – or just bring yourself and know that there’ll be plenty to go around!

See you next week!

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Hilary, Hoovie co-founder

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*Only 15 seats available each evening!*

Read about each film below, watch the trailers and nab your tickets before they sell out!

Mon, Dec 16 – 51 BIRCH STREET

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Part of growing up is also waking up – in particular to the reality of your parents being whole people with interior lives of their own, messy histories and private turmoil you’d previously been blind to.

And that’s exactly what filmmaker Doug Block confronts in his warm and enthralling documentary as he and his siblings experience a deep shock when their father remarries three months after the sudden death of their mother.

Combing through the archives of the family’s home videos, interviewing family and friends, and even pouring over their mother’s prolific diaries in which she shares her most intimate thoughts and desires, Doug tracks down the clues to unlock the mystery of his parents’ true natures and understand the hidden complexities of their relationship.

What makes the film so riveting are the twists and turns. (And isn’t that also what makes human relationships so engrossing?)

Timeless, moving, critically acclaimed, this doc begs to be discussed!

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A funny, wise and playful New York comedy about the roles we play in the theatre of family life. Well written, well acted and entertaining, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT tells the you’re-never-too-old-to-come-of-age story of two sisters forced to reexamine their lives and identities after the death of their primadona playwright father and the discovery that their presumed-dead mother is in fact alive – and a soap opera star.

Hannah Pearl Utt deftly directs this charmingly nimble film and stars as level-headed Rachel alongside co-writer Jen Tullock, who plays her basket-case sister, Jackie.

Frustrated by the sacrifices she’s made to support her eccentric family, Rachel can’t forgive her mother for leaving them yet entangles herself in her mother’s career drama, which she can’t help but try to fix. Jackie, a lovable yet flighty actress, is desperate for her mother’s love and feels resentful of Rachel’s need to control everything.

Meanwhile, Jackie’s painfully shy pre-teen daughter, Dodge (played by the captivating Oona Yaffe), is herself discovering just who exactly she is as she peers through the prism of her dysfunctional family’s crazy antics.

A story of self-discovery, family dynamics and coming to terms with growing up, BEFORE YOU KNOW IT is smart, fresh and thoroughly female.

We love that this film puts women’s stories front and centre, the lead character is a queer woman without heed for the male gaze, and the supporting male characters are interesting yet don’t take over.

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Wed, Dec 18 – 3 FACES

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For the final film in our “How We Are Together” micro-festival, we present a feminist road movie from acclaimed Iranian director Jafar Panahi (who, incidentally, has churned out four incredible films, including this one, in four years while on house arrest!).

Taking us on a journey from Tehran to the dusty mountains of the remote Turkish borderlands, 3 FACES is as defiant as it is lighthearted: portraying the desperation of a young girl’s need to pursue her dreams at the risk of being exiled by her family, and entertaining us with the folksy charms and antics of the village people who repress and criticize her ambitions.

We love how this film fits within the holiday-ish theme of relationships and family dynamics, speaking to all the black sheep out there who struggle to express our true selves despite our family’s greatest wish for us to just be “normal.”

The film also reveals a dark side to the “it takes a village” trope that we in the lonely West love to romanticize. (Click for the full synopsis.)

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