Expect robust hosting features, a deeper film catalog, and access to a broader audience for your screenings with new partnership between Hoovie and Side Door

We have some exciting news: Hoovie is entering the beginning stages of a partnership with Side Door, a purpose-aligned company that’s doing for live music what Hoovie does for indie film. The partnership will ultimately provide a more technologically sophisticated experience, a larger audience for hosts, a broader film catalog, and a diverse array of Hoovie movie clubs (e.g. Archive Club).

Co-founded by musician Dan Mangan (that’s him in the image at top), Side Door connects artists, hosts and audiences to both build community and create a viable income stream for artists and hosts. Side Door is beloved by an engaged audience of ~65,000 users (plus social media) and has a great reputation among musicians and audiences alike who rave about the experience and level of transparency.

Here’s what to expect

Initially we are testing how Hoovie movie experiences can operate on Side Door, so the user experience will bridge both platforms. Hosts will continue to browse the Hoovie film catalog on our site, while ticketing and streaming will happen through Side Door. (Check out our current screenings and clubs here!)

The idea is, eventually the entire Hoovie experience will happen on Side Door’s platform, which can facilitate any kind of show or screening in any kind of “space” (in-person, virtual and hybrid).

Learn how to host a Hoovie using Side Door here.

Any questions, concerns, feedback? Reach out! We’d be happy to talk anything through.

More about Side Door

Side Door seeks to democratize and decentralize the entertainment industry. They began with music, and have since added other types entertainment.

They launched in 2019 and facilitated ~350 shows in bespoke spaces prior to the pandemic. Think: living rooms, book stores, back yards, warehouses, you name it.

Since the pandemic hit, Side Door has run over 1,000 online shows. Artists and hosts build shows and tours together and create unique revenue splits. Everyone is paid out automatically.

Currently the Side Door community, mostly in North America, consists of about 5,000 artists, 2,000 hosts (of spaces), and 65,000 audience members. Over the past 12 months, they’ve earned over $1 million in sales and raised $3 million in investment.

People love Side Door because they are so unwaveringly committed to building community through art. For example, through their “back to live” offer, hosts worldwide can apply for $500 in subsidies to assist with event expenses. (This offer now extends to people who want to host film screenings! helping them pay for a projector, screen, speakers, etc.)

Dan and his co-founder, Laura Simpson, would like to see 100,000 artists that you’ve barely or never heard of making $100k a year – a thriving global middle class of artistry. “If your footprint cannot be wide, let it be deep.”

To continue to serve artists and community builders, Side Door has added a myriad of booking and marketing features, such as:

  • Cutting-edge Zoom integrations; internally hosted and secure, no Zoom account required
  • Series creation (perfect for movie clubs!)
  • A broadcast/live stream option with hi-fi audio and HD picture embedded right into Side Door, securely behind a paywall; also includes audience chat, 48 hour replay with continued sales, a tip button, etc.
  • A “name your price” option
  • Tiered tickets
  • Revenue split at point of sale
  • A robust guest list manager
  • Easy comp management
  • Automatic PRO remittance (if applicable)
  • Affiliate/UTM link generator to track sales from different sources (i.e. Facebook vs Instagram, etc.)
  • Media/trailers on show pages
  • An algorithmic recommender
  • Very precise geo-gating, which typically only big players like NBC, HBO and Netflix have. Totally secure from VPNs!
  • Audience “follow” email/push notifications
  • Dedicated show-specific user support as well as customer support for attendees
  • Matchmaking / “connections” engine (for community building)
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Touring / schedule builder (for example: a filmmaker could create an artist profile, drop pins where they intend to tour, and ALL hosts who are set up to host films in proximity to the pins get notifications and emails saying they’re available for events within the date range –> game-changing as a community screenings tool!)