What an honour it was to be invited to join the 50th volume of PechaKucha Vancouver onstage at the Vancouver Playhouse earlier this month!

PechaKucha is an “open, spontaneous, fun, informal, silo-breaking” event that happens in cities across the world, and has been called “the world’s fastest storytelling platform.” Essentially show-and-tell for grownups, PechaKucha invites people doing interesting things to present 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds each for a six-minute, 40-second presentation that requires considerable creativity and diligence to craft and perfect.

Showcasing fascinating people and projects from across the region, the local chapter launched in 2007 and has basically sold out every single one of its shows. It’s that popular. And of course it is, with each presenter offering creative inspiration along with a personal story.

Needless to say, we definitely felt the pressure to make sure we nailed our 20 slides. We spent weeks crafting, honing and practicing, which truly was like a microcosm of how we run our business, with Fiona providing the intention, Hilary the framework and methodology, and both of us working tirelessly to sculpt, refine, iterate and evolve the script to the point where we felt it captured our vision, mission and values.

So, here it is – our story about how we’re supporting everyday humans to build community through unique, social cinema experiences and why we feel it’s more important than ever before for people to get together in real life:

PechaKucha Night vol. 50: #humanAF

People are #busyAF and #lonelyAF, so compulsive hosts Hilary Henegar and Fiona Rayher create a formula and a technology to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to build community using film to spark conversation and connection.

Please share with anyone you think would be onboard with our mission – in particular those unsung heroic figures who can’t help themselves but to play host, ensuring the rest of us leave our houses every so often to meet other humans face-to-face and connect.


– Hilary + Fiona, Hoovie co-founders