Thanks to Vancouver Foundation for inviting us to join them for an hour on CBC Radio’s BC Today last Thursday!Hoovie co-founder Hilary Henegar talks social isolation on CBC Radio's BC Today with Vancouver Foundation's Dara Parker
Listen to the full program here or read the excerpt from Hilary below:

“We started this platform thinking there really aren’t any meaningful ways to experience film, but the more that we hear back from our users, the more we understand that it’s actually the opposite – that film is this fantastic vehicle for driving conversation, for opening people’s hearts and minds, and really helping them to be in space together, be in community, and be able to talk about the things that matter to them.

“We’ve seen people use films like 112 WEDDINGS to catalyze conversations about relationships and how hard they are. We’ve also seen a lot [of users] recently working with Dogwood and local businesses to host conversations around the climate crisis and why youth are so galvanized to take to the streets and strike. …

“Film is this wonderful way to support people to relax into having that conversation, sharing that space – and having some food at the same time.”