“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” ⁠— Kurt Cobain

Dear friends,

Our lives look so very different than they did a month ago.

Our team, like many, have leaned into the changes the pandemic has brought. Still riddled with the collective anxiety that hangs at our limbs, we’re also finding our groove, energized by the subtle cultural shifts we see.

Case in point: there’s a murmur out there about authenticity, vulnerability and how we do or don’t reveal the hot mess that we feel inside during this pandemic. Out loud. On social media. And Zoom.

Selfie culture had until now allowed us to shelter our true selves from view as we curated, curated, curated our social feeds, revealing only those moments of perfect hair.

But now something else is required of us. In this vulnerable hour, showing up as anything less than our honest selves feels off. Inappropriate even.

Come as you are.

That’s the title we’re giving our first Virtual Hoovie micro-festival about authenticity, running April 28-30, 2020.

Join us for one, two or three nights as we watch and discuss three films about folks who have experienced the hard stuff, and from it mined the courage to stand out and be themselves. They build strong relationships and brave communities.

Our Virtual Hoovie feature enables each ticket buyer to access the event page where they’ll find an “Opening Welcome” button, the film player and a “Post-Film Conversation” button.

We’ve designed the experience to mimic the magic of Hoovie’s offline events, where the film is watched together (synchronized playback) and bookended by face-to-face conversation (video chat).

First up, on Tuesday, April 28, we’re watching PARIS IS BURNING, an engrossing game-changer of a film that features an incredible cast of characters, each a minor hero of “realness” in their own right.

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The next evening, on Wednesday, April 29, we’re watching SCOTTY AND THE SECRET HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD about a legendary “sexual fixer” to the stars during an era of extreme homophobia and conformity. Scotty owned his fluid sexuality and created a community of trust for some of Hollywood’s biggest names to express their sexuality. His story is quite something.

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And finally, on Thursday, April 30, we’re watching THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE about gender-bending artists-slash-soulmates who defy everyone in their quest toward the deepest, most authentic expression of their love for each other. They don’t exactly “come as they are” so much as become who they are, together.

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Set yourself up with snacks and settle in for a pre-film opening welcome at 7:30pm. The film will start right at 7:45pm, followed by a post-film conversation.

And of course, come as you are.