Dear friends,

It’s official. Today we launch a campaign marking Hoovie’s next chapter.

Maybe you remember the good ol’ days when we’d watch movies together in cozy living rooms, quirky store fronts and after-hours work spaces. Well, we’re taking all the magic of those in-person Hoovies and all we’ve learned over the last 7 months of virtual Hoovies, and building the world’s first truly social cinema platform.

We want you to actually feel each other in the room.

And we want the conversations to be effortless – where all you have to do is be you and enjoy each other’s company.

Think: quality independent film, face-to-face conversation, and interactive features designed to bring you and your fellow Hoovie-goers closer, even when you’re apart.

Best of all, Hoovie’s new app will offer experiences that leave you energized, and not exhausted like so many Zoom chats today.

We believe the future of cinema is social.

And we dearly want our community to feel a sense of ownership over Hoovie’s unique model and technology.

So, today, we’ve launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr. We’re seeking values-aligned investors who believe that film has the power to transport and transform us, particularly when shared together.

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It’s been such a journey to get here, but wow are we excited about sharing this next leg with you, Hoovie’s early adopters.

With gratitude,
Fiona + Hilary, Hoovie co-founders

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Invest in the future of cinema! Hoovie is on a mission to empower everyday people to build community through “social cinema,” where virtual film screenings launch conversation and human connection. I’m one of Hoovie’s earliest adopters, and I’m excited to support their community-backed equity crowdfunding campaign to take this remarkable platform to the next level!
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