Featuring relevant-as-ever festival hits from years past, hosted by Tom Charity – curator at the VIFF Centre

Hoovie Movie Clubs is a lot more than just watching movies with people. We’re creating belonging in society though film and gatherings. And for you personally, joining a movie club is an incredible way to meet new people, connect and build community. It’s about seeing the same people again and again, and having conversations about life, through the medium of film.

We’re thrilled to announce Archive Club, vol. 1 featuring relevant-as-ever festival hits from years past, hosted by the one and only Tom Charity, head curator for the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) Vancity Theatre in Vancouver. This is our second movie club in partnership with acclaimed indie distributor Films We Like.

In case you’re wondering, you definitely do not need to be a cinephile to attend this movie club. If you’ve never heard of these films, even better!

And… if you join part/mid way through, that’s just perfect. We’d love to meet you! (In other words, no need to start from the beginning whatsoever.)

This will be our very first movie club on Side Door, whom we’ve recently launched a partnership with. (Read more here.)

How it works is: You have three weeks to watch each film before we come together for a virtual face-to-face conversation. In addition, Tom will send around notes on each film to ponder before our conversation. (If you can’t make the Monday gathering, we’ll send you a recording.)

Pay-what-you-want prices: Pay as low as $12 for each film + conversation. (You also have the option to pay to only watch the film.)

Archive Club, vol. 1 films:

Interested in hosting a Hoovie screening or movie club yourself?

Initially we are testing how Hoovie movie experiences can operate on Side Door, so the user experience will bridge both platforms. Hosts will continue to browse the Hoovie film catalog on our site, while ticketing and streaming will happen through Side Door. (Check out our current screenings and clubs here!)

Learn how to host a Hoovie using Side Door here. Reach out to explore collaborating with us on your own Hoovie Movie Club.

Any questions, concerns, feedback? Reach out! We’d be happy to talk anything through.